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Disney World: How to make it affordable and fun

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I love Disney.  I think growing up in Southern California has had something to do with it.  Growing up in the town that housed Disney Studios and living less than an hour from Disneyland had a huge influence on me. Every stage in my life I can remember had a Disney trip in it.  My first trip when I was 5, getting off school every year on St. Patrick’s Day because there wouldn’t be crowds, trips with my friends from High School, and of course taking my own kids.   But the other part I love so much is the “Magic of Disney”.  No matter what they do TV, movies, or a ride the Magic is a big part of it.  I love the characters, the atmosphere and the forethought and planning they put into all they do.

As a Travel Agent I love to help people plan their Disney vacations.  I am a Disney College of Knowledge Graduate.  Disney has provided me with training in what they have to offer you as far as your Disney vacation.  I am now an expert on the best way to plan your Disney Vacation!  I love that!  If I can’t go I love to help others plan their trip.

Surprisingly enough it is time to start thinking about where you are going to go for vacation next year. Of course Disney World has the most choices and the most to see.   Many people think Disney World is too expensive for their family, in actuality they offer many ways to make your vacation affordable.  Right now Disney World is still offering free dining when you stay in select Disney Moderate Resorts.  A fantastic deal! You have until Dec. 20th, 2010 and of course restrictions apply.  I have used this dining plan and it is so easy and even if you pay for it, very reasonable but I like free better!

Disney World can be overwhelming in the planning.  There are so many details to plan when you go!  What park on what day?  What to see first?  How much can we fit in during our stay?  How many days should we go?  What time of year is best?  How much will it cost?  The best part of this is that you don’t have to do it all yourself.  It is my job to help you as much or as little as you need in planning your Disney World Vacation.  You don’t need to get bogged down in the details.  I will do the research and present you with options for your itinerary that fit your budget.

Of course there are lots of books and guides out there to help you make decisions about your trip and save money.  I use these myself to help my clients get the most for their money and the most out of their trip.  The one I like the best and use myself is The Ultimate Disney World Savings Guide by Beth Haworth. She was a Disney Cast Member and has found many ways to save money on your trip and also many ways to make your trip easier.  I don’t recommend booking the lodging on your own but she has some great ways to save money on your trip that will easily offset the price of the ebook.  The other great feature of the book is that she updates it with new information frequently and you can get the updates for your book so it never goes out of date.   You will never need to buy another Disney Guide.

This book offers packing ideas, a break down of ticket pricing, dining information and which ones to book ahead, How to decide which days you should stay based on pricing at the resorts and park crowds, tons of tips to use to make your trip fantastic and save you money.

Call me @800-309-8151 and let me help you plan a Disney World Vacation!

P.S. The link above for the guide is an affiliate link :-)

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