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Sapphire Princess Cruise Tips: 5 Ways to Make Your Trip Fabulous!

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I know most of us who cruise a lot sometimes turn our nose up at the thought of going to the Mexican Riviera. When hubby said that is where he wanted to go so he didn’t have to fly anywhere on Easter Break I was a little…how can I put this nicely…not excited. I understood his reasoning. Lots of stress at work and he would rather just get on the ship and go. He works very hard so off I went to plan!

Not too long later, yes travel agents plan their trips at the last minute too, we were boarding the Sapphire Princess. I have to say she is a beautiful ship. I was so impressed. Everything was clean and shiny. The ship was not showing sign of wear and is really kept nicely. The decor was lovely and it almost seemed like a brand new ship.  We arrived early to the port.  Cruise Tip#1: Arrive an hour before they tell you.  You may have to wait for a few minutes but your boarding experience will be pleasant and there are hardly any lines.  You will usually walk right on and you will have lots of extra time to get situated!

The next really impressive thing? The service. Waitstaff and Room Stewards were beyond helpfull and responsive. They never responded inappropriately and were very ready to help you with your every need.
We ate at Sabatini’s the first night and had just impeccable service. Cruise tip # 2: If your ship has a specialty dining  restaurant eat there the first night! You won’t have to wait and you will get the time you want without any difficulty. Also, the service should be great since you will be some of the ony people in there.

The second night we ate in the Savoy dining room, one of the four Anytime Dining Rooms on board. I called the dining department at 8 o’clock the next morning and go exactly what I wanted.   It was beautiful and we were treated to such lovely service by our waitstaff that we decided to stay where we were for the rest of our trip. Cruise Tip#3: Just because you have Anytime Dining does not mean you can’t make your reservation permanent for the rest of your trip. If you are happy with the location, time, set up and waitstaff at your table, speak to the maitre d’ and ask him to give you that reservation for the rest of your trip! If you don’t like it try a different dining room or different table the next night and you might like that one better!

And now that we are on the subject   Cruise tip #4: Anytime dining is a great option.  I know some of you are very happy with your traditional dining option.  Totally fine.  For those of you who don’t like anyone telling you when you have to eat dinner or if you are worried about getting stuck with the same people every night,  Anytime Dining is the way to go!   If you enjoy getting to know new people at dinner you can just let the staff know when you make your reservation and they will seat you at a bigger table with other people just like traditional but you aren’t stuck with them unless you want to be.

And for my last tip for the day, Cruise Tip #5The minute you board the ship and put your bags in your room…Don’t go to the Buffet!! First of all it is crowded, second of all… Go make all your reservations!  Dining, Spa, and Excursions!!  Then relax.  You have done all the work and now enjoy!

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